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Not long to go until the Tokyo Olympics commence and adds to an already sport packed summer! We've got the Sport is Back Festival, Active Parks, Junior Camps, Pay and Play sessions, plus Adult and Family sessions throughout the holidays. Everyone has their favorite games to watch—from gymnastics to swimming to basketball. Why not celebrate and take part in your favourite sport this Summer too?!

Take a look what we have to offer here and sign up. 

The Sport Is Back Festival will  also be taking place in  Manchester this Summer! The event will run throughout the city on the last two weekends of July (24, 25 31 July and 1 August). There will be approximately 10 different sports which will be hosted and promoted by different clubs. The events will range from competitive competitions, to turn up and play sessions. This it is a great opportunity to celebrate the return of sport without any restrictions in place and a chance for the clubs to showcase their sport and to attract new members. Sport Is Back will be open to other clubs, individuals and the inexperienced. CLICK HERE for more information on the dates, venues and booking process for the specific sports.
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