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Active Streets is an initiative we deliver across neighbourhoods in partnership with Manchester City Council North Neighbourhoods Team & One Manchester, demonstrating real ‘social value’ in action.

These events bring together a range of services including waste and recycling, street cleansing and sport. Last year we ‘closed off’ 14 different streets in 12 wards, with nearly 600 adults & children enjoying activities from snakes & ladders to table tennis and swing ball, leaving a lasting resource for continued delivery by residents.

Jessica - Walsden Street

"It's great not having cars flying up and down the street. My children can play out with the neighbours without me constantly shouting watch the road."

Gladys 'Tesco Community Team' - Coronation Street

"I would love to support all Active Streets event within our catchment area. I think the project is amazing and is exactly the type of project we aim to support."
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