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Thanks to our relationship with Basketball England, Manchester has just completed refurbishment to three park ballcourts and most of the courts externally funded within 2 weeks of each other.

Beginning with Hulme basketball court, thanks to funding from global basketball powerhouse Wilson, court upgrades included new backboards and a vibrant full court paint finish.

This space is the busiest outdoor court in the city, with over 200 active players.

Court rennovations were completed 9 June followed by a successful launch event the following weekend.  The event included representatives from Swarm and Basketball England visit the site, followed by a community launch seeing Cllr Igbon officially open the court with a three-point shot (well nearly!).

Crowcroft Park ballcourt was also completed with a resurface, new backboards and court markings. This is another popular court having been originally installed in 1998, and therefore in great need of improvements.

This project was funded in partnership of Parks In Partnership, Basketball England and Manchester Active funding that will hopefully be used by the local community for many years to come.

And just two days later, we saw the completion of the Platt Fields ballcourt with surface repairs, new full court painting and Florida style backboards in collaboration with Universal Pictures UK and the Champions movie, starring Woody Harrelson. The space is yet another extremely popular court with local residents regularly enquiring when the court would be completed.

These facilities all encourage local people to get out, socialise, compete and train in their local parks. We trust this investment will continue across Manchester's activity spaces not just in Basketball, but other sports too.
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