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Inequalities play a role in increasing levels of inactivity, often resulting in heart disease, diabetes and other preventable health conditions that put further strain on the NHS. We understand that what people and communities often lack, is access to opportunities when it comes to physical activity and movement. 

The City is working tirelessly to create inclusive environments, and break down both physical and perceived barriers, to allow everyone to participate, regardless of age, ability or background. 

We must make Manchester Fairer.

With severe pressures on disposable income for many, it is imperative now, more than ever, that a clear pathway, offering localised free or low-cost provision and activities are prioritised to make sure no Mancunian is left out in the cold.

Our work with local providers and health services provides residents with the support and guidance they need to get started, delivering tailored exercise programs, education and support, and opportunities for social engagement. As we identify those most at risk early on, we can empower Mancunians to take control of their health and well-being, reduce the burden on health services, and widen their access to lead healthier and happier lifestyles.

We recognise that no one person or organisation holds all the levers to address these inequalities. We value the importance of working together to tackle existing gaps in access, opportunities and enjoyment in physical activity and movement. 

Through committed collective action, we can, and will, make Manchester a fairer place for all.

During any school holidays, Manchester 16 or under's can swim for free during designated public general swim sessions over the school holidays and at weekends during term time, and Manchester 60 or over's can continue to swim for free during any designated public general swim session, anytime.

Free Swimming sessions can be enjoyed at various Manchester Active swimming pools across Manchester. Subject to availability. 

Click here for a list of participating pools.

To see our impact over 2022-23, nationally, citywide and in Manchester's communities, watch our Impact Report video here

Working with local clubs and organisations across the city to develop a food and activity programme that is making a positive impact on the children and young people of Manchester. 

Learn about the Holiday Activity Funding (HAF) free activity and food programme we offer during the holidays.

Find something you enjoy that you can easily build into your lifestyle or build on something that's already part of your routine.

Click here to find local options for getting active the cheap and easy way.

Learn about our refocused and refreshed Manchester Sport and Physical Activity Strategy 2023-2028


The portal is a unique shared data platform managing sport and physical activity information, content, and inspiration.
This unique digital platform is the home for all activity providers to advertise and promote their opportunities online across, completely free of charge.

If you are a part of or know a club or a community group looking to promote activity and sport to the many residents within Manchester by featuring on the site and be a part of the journey, we'd love to get you involved:

Click HERE for more information and to SIGN UP.

Manchester - a world renowned sporting city with sport in our blood. Manchester is a dynamic city of opportunity and innovation, and its infrastructure can support any sporting event.
BCW released their annual publication of the Top 50 Global Sport Cities. As a city that lives and breathes sport, Manchester maintained our top 10 Ranking for the fifth year, awarded as the 5th best sporting city across the globe, which recognises cities perceived to be most associated with sport.
We’re proud to be firmly established and recognised as a world-leading city for sport, boasting a comprehensive infrastructure of elite training environments, regularly producing athletes connected with Manchester who dominate podium places at major events, and an enviable and vibrant regional, national and international events programme, which, with our 8th global position ahead of all other UK cities except London, we aspire to maintain and build upon year on year.
Want to bring your event to Manchester? Find out more here

Find out how we’re leading the local delivery in Manchester supporting Sport England national Local Pilots to test innovative approaches to develop a blueprint to find solutions that increase activity levels.

Winning Hearts and Minds is an innovative programme which aims to improve the mental and heart health of people living in Manchester

Visit here to learn more

If your mental or physical health is stopping you from being active, Manchester Active PARS is here to help. 
There are three Pathways that people may take with varying degrees of hands-on support

Passionate about volunteering?

Visit MCRVIP to train and deploy more volunteers across Manchester’s sport and physical activity opportunities

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