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We’re thrilled to announce that the final two Non-Turf Cricket Wickets across Manchester were recently installed at Hough End Playing Fields. Installations began in September 2021, and Hough End Playing Fields is the final site for investment.

The two new wickets at Hough End Playing Fields will replace the two old tarmac strips that have reached end of life.

These wickets represent a culmination of an investment from the sport's National Governing Body, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), of nearly £200,000 into grassroots cricket, which provisions 14 different locations, installing 17 cricket wickets into public spaces across the breadth of community spaces in our city.

Should you have any specific questions about the investment programme or the broader cricket offer, please contact MCRactive with the subject heading NTW.

These installations are a mix of new wickets and replacement wickets across the City at the following sites:

Heaton Park
Boggart Hole Clough
Broadhurst Playing Fields (x2)
Greenbank Playing Fields
Crowcroft Park
Birchfields Park
Platt Fields Park
Hough End Playing Fields (x2)
Cringle Playing Fields (x2)
Chorlton Park
Fog Lane Park
Merseybank Playing Fields
Wythenshawe Park
Hollyhedge Park 

Here at MCRactive, we’re working closely with the Lancashire Cricket Foundation (LCF) to ensure the sport continues to grow across the city in all its very diverse formats.

These wickets are the welcome realisation of several years of planning and will drive participation for years to come.

Each site will have an activation plan designed to maximise the wickets availability, access to equipment and coaching, where needed, will be driven by the following key partners; MCRactive / Lancashire Cricket Foundations (LCF) / Manchester Cricket Development Group (CDG) / Manchester Cricket League’s; and Local Parks and Council Neighbourhoods Teams.

These wickets represent a culmination of investment of nearly £200,000 into grassroots cricket across Manchester

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