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The National Squash Centre and Regional Arena are delighted to announce that our interactiveSQUASH system which was joint funded by MCRactive and England Squash is now operational and bookable on the Better UK app or or by visiting the Better UK website. Track your every move and shot, play games or switch to training mode in a massive virtual environment with a real racquet and a real ball.

This is a court you've never experienced before!

The InteractiveSQUASH app will allow you to track your statistics whenever and wherever you want. The app records every game and training module you participate in and will give you instant feedback upon completion. Download the Better UK app before your visit, available from iOS and Android app stores.

InteractiveSQUASH training: InteractiveSQUASH is the most sophisticated digital training system for racket sports on the market. Training modules which have been designed in consultation with professional coaches and professional players can test movements and skills specifically related to competitive play.

InteractiveSQUASH Games: InteractiveSQUASH’s games are designed to get everyone and in particular kids thrilled to jump on court to start playing.

With a broad selection of different kind of games, from retro arcade to the more creative and educational ones, every game has been developed to meet fun and entertainment with the need of improving players’ skills like hand-eye coordination, speed, strength and reaction time.

Book the interactivesquash system via the Better UK app or online and find National Squash Centre & Regional Arena under clubs in the menu.

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