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In September 2021, Manchester City Council held public consultation meetings to discuss the merits of bringing forward a revised scheme at Hough End Playing Fields. The meetings provided an opportunity to share learnings from the previous scheme and gather the communities’ views and aspirations for improvements, to help shape plans at Hough End site. 

The Council is now working to develop a new set of proposals that reflects the needs and aspirations of the community and seeks to address concerns raised. This includes the opportunity to develop phased development areas to provide high quality sport and recreational green space at the Hough End site. 

As detailed plans continue to be developed, the Council would like to provide early notification of pre planning public consultation events. All events have been scheduled at Broughton Park Rugby Club on the following dates and times:

MONDAY 29 NOV 16:00 (SESSION 1) 17:00 (SESSION 2) 

Saturday 4 DECEMBER 10:00 (SESSION 3) 11:00 (SESSION 4) 


Address: Broughton Park Rugby Club, 2 Houghend Cresent, Manchester M21 7TL.

There will be 6 sessions in total with all events split into 1-hour sessions to commence on the hour. The Council’s Project Team will start each session with a presentation of plans and will then facilitate table discussions to capture people’s views and answer questions. All comments will be logged to help shape final plans for consideration. 

As part of the discussions, the Project Team will talk through the consideration for revised plans and the high-level timeframe and funding strategy for phased development areas to be taken forward.  

Please register your attendance for the Hough End public consultation events, either via email at Hough End email account, or at Hough End Leisure Centre reception with a register available at the front desk.

It is importance to register your attendance at your preferred session in advance of the meeting dates, to ensure the Councils Project Team can manage the event on the day and provide sufficient time to discuss proposals with all residents.

When registering attendance please provide a contact email or phone number to allow the Council’s Project Team to contact you, should there be a need to schedule additional engagement meetings in the future, in the event numbers become too high to manage. 

Residents are encouraged to submit comments via the Hough End consultation account at All comments will be logged and will be fed through the planning process. Pre planning consultation will close Friday 10 December and the final planning application is targeted for submission mid-December.

To view plans in advance of the sessions, please see links below.

Hough End Leisure Centre - Playing Fields Site Plan
Hough End Leisure Centre - Extension and Car Park
Hough End Leisure Centre - Extension Ground Floor
Hough End Leisure Centre - Extension First Floor 

Alongside these plans, the Council have developed a DRAFT 10-Year Strategic Plan for Hough End Playing Fields that has been published for further consultation and comment. Hough End Strategic Plan has been developed in response to community needs and aspirations for improvements that seeks to raise the quality of playing fields and green spaces for the local community. The vision for the site is to become an attractive public space that promotes active lifestyles and healthy communities for people to visit and enjoy. This document sets out the opportunity for phased development to deliver the vision for Hough End site.

All residents are encouraged to submit their comments and views to that will help to shape a final plan that will be taken forward with the local community.

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