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Welcome to Manchester. We’ve always been a city of firsts – from the Industrial Revolution and splitting the atom, to opening the first public library and the birthplace that introduced life through IVF.

Manchester is a city with unbreakable spirit that lives and breathes sport; from our enviable world-class facility portfolio, delivering high-profile events that continue to strengthen our reputation as a global world-class sporting destination, to the multiple national governing bodies who proudly call Manchester home and the long-standing significance the role sport and physical activity plays to improve lives of local residents and bring communities and cultures together.

Our relationship with sport is no different. Core to our DNA, we have sport in our blood.

A world renowned, award winning city, not just known for two of the world's leading football clubs, but also home to multiple national governing bodies and the National Centres for Cycling, Squash, Basketball, Lacrosse, Taekwondo, Water-Polo and Speedway. As successful hosts of the 2002 Commonwealth Games, Manchester is now widely regarded as one of the world’s leading sporting destinations. Our continued momentum and passion for sports has recently seen us play host to the World Taekwondo Championships, ICC Cricket World Cup and we’re looking forward to hosting the Rugby League World Cup and UEFA Women’s Championship’s in 2021.

Year on year, we’re excited to welcome some amazing events who have chosen Manchester as their host, in turn playing their part in making our city and our region even greater.

These events perfectly encapsulate the diversity and opportunities provided to our communities and visitors to get up close and personal to the very best athletes in the world. Say hello across our MCRactive social channels for all the latest news and tickets on the exciting range of events we regularly welcome to our city. Use the hashtags #MCRactive and #AliveWithSport and we'll hear you, and to be featured across our Inspire Me pages...
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