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To round off our #InternationalWomensMonth celebration, ahead of the holy month of Ramadhan, we invited local cycling group Regain, made up of majority Muslim women from Cheetham to the National Cycling Centre for a taster session on the velodrome track.

In recent years, cycling has seen a positive increase in female participation and representation. This has brought attention to the need for gender equality in cycling and the importance of providing equal opportunities and support for women in Manchester across all areas of cycling. With more women participating in cycling, we subsequently help break existing gender stereotypes and improve inclusivity in this sector.
Our Health and Wellbeing Team have been working with the University of Glasgow and British Cycling, researching whether targeted cycle training and support will improve cycling uptake in women from Cheetham. The team have been supporting a number workshops to discover the often-unseen barriers women face in cycling and how MCRactive can support. We spoke to a few of them for our WHM podcast earlier last year as they began their cycling journey. Listen here.
Many of the women from the study came along on the day. Some who could not ride a bike until recently! Read some of their experiences below;

 "it was such a unique the end i was so proud"

Parveen Akthar, is our Neighbourhood Physical Activity Officer and helped set up the group, speaking of the day she said; "I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and putting self out of my comfort zone was amazing. I was so pleased with myself that I shouted as loud as i could to everyone that has been in contact with me. Definitely would encourage everyone to have ago"

A few members of Regain spoke of their experience too:

Sarah Airshad -  "I had an amazing time at the cycling session at the Velodrome. It was such a unique experience. At the start of the session I thought I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it but at the end of the session I was so proud I was able to cycle with such control and speed". 

Riffauth Hussain - "It was a wonderful opportunity, when I told my daughter I had been at the velodrome track she was really pleased and excited by it, hopefully she’ll get a go".

Nazmin Khan - “It was great to try something new, cycling in the track is unusual to my usual ride nevertheless a fun experience”

"It's not as hard as it looks"

Louise Simpson: "My daughter and I really enjoyed the cycling and we definitely would recommend other people to have a go, its not as hard as it looks. I felt the instructor was clear and concise with his instructions which made it a positive enjoyable experience. Thank you to MCRactive and Parveen for organizing it". 

All the women had a fantastic time taking to the track, learning loads of new skills, and the group plan to come again soon for another go, with more of their members after Ramadhan. Only in Manchester can you learn to ride a bike, and then find yourself sharing the world-famous velodrome track with current and future Team GB stars!

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