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Physical Activity Referral Service in manchester

If your mental or physical health is stopping you from being active, Manchester Active PARS is here to help.

From here you can manage your health journey through self-referral or seek a physical activity referral through a professional. 
There are many reasons you might be referred to Manchester Active PARS. It could relate to your physical or mental health or both. 
You would be referred by a professional who is familiar with you and your health barrier, and who feels that increased activity levels could improve your health. After a referral is made, one of three pathways will be recommended. See links below.
Each of the three Pathways on which you are referred come with varying degrees of hands-on support. People may also find themselves moving between pathways as their needs change over time. 

We work with qualified community providers and instructors to deliver sessions in local leisure or community centres. We offer a range of different activities, so we will always try and find something to suit you! Some Manchester Active PARS sessions are free of charge, and others carry a small cost.


For more information on the Physical Activity Referral Service, please contact the PARS Team on: 0161 974 7839 or

Information concerning pathways 1-3 can be found below.

Welcome to Manchester Active PARS Pathway 1.

PARS pathway 1 offers specialist support and physical activity opportunities for people living with long term health conditions that require a tailored delivery approach.  In this pathway our exercise sessions follow an evidence-based approach and are specific to meet the needs of conditions such as coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Diabetes and stroke amongst other long term health conditions.
On receipt of your referral, you will be invited to attend a one-to-one consultation with one of Manchester Active’s Physical Activity Referral officers (PARO).  The initial consultation will deliver an in-depth health screening tool to help ensure you are prescribed the most suitable activity session to meet your health needs.  Your PARO will work with you to identify and agree goals that are important to you, whist helping you increase your activity levels across a 12-week rehabilitation intervention.  
All activity sessions will be booked by your PARO at your initial consultation.  You will be reviewed after a 12-week programme of sessions with regards your progress through to the next pathways as your health and fitness improves.

Find out more about Pathway 1 here

Welcome to Manchester Active PARS Pathway 2.

Pathway 2 is for those needing more time or confidence before joining a local gym or attending an open community session. 

The sessions often have smaller numbers and are delivered by qualified instructors across the city in community venues. 

We offer various activities, so we will always try to find something to suit you! 

Find out more about Pathway 2 here

For anyone looking to improve their health but with no serious ongoing health conditions and low risk of any developing in the near future, you can become a MCRactive Go account holder.
MCRactive Go is a new way to manage your health and activity across our city.