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Disabled & Long-term Health Conditions in manchester

Physical activity in any form can help disabled people both physically and mentally. Any form of exercise has proven benefits ranging anywhere from helping to build muscle, enhanced coordination, strengthening the heart and arguably most important, physical activity improves self-esteem and mental well being.

When you’re managing a health condition, being active is about finding what works for you, particularly when the way you feel can change from day to day. So as well as giving any of the activities available on Be Active page, we’ve also brought together some more specific content below from expert partners to help which you can find below.

Please visit the links below for website resources details activities for the disabled:

Activity Alliance - A list of exercise advice, workouts, videos and activity guides to support disabled people. This helps everyone to move more while at home or when going outside for regular activity. 

Para Sport - Home workout routines specially designed for disabled people. New content will be added to the website all the time, so keep an eye on the latest updates.

British Blind Sport - Audio workouts, both live and on demand, for people with visual impairments - including audio transcripts. 
Adapt To Perform - A range of workouts from personal trainer and wheelchair user Ben Clark. Includes a 30-day wheelchair fitness challenge.
Synergy Dance - An online programme of yoga and dance specially designed for people with long-term health conditions and disabilities to help them keep fit, social and active.
Cerebral Palsy Sport - A set of resources on exercise and nutrition, including shoulder mobility exercises and a workout adapted for people in wheelchairs.

Please visit the links below for website resources details activities for individuals with long term health conditions:

Moving with limited mobility - Ben takes us through a range of different exercises to help those with limited mobility keep moving.

MS Society - A range of exercises for people with multiple sclerosis. These workouts are designed for different levels of mobility. 
NHS Pilates Video Workout - Pilates inspired 30-minute workout suitable for people with several conditions including multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain and fibromyalgia.
Diabetes UK - Advice to support you to stay active, well and managing diabetes while at home, whether you're self-isolating or know someone who is.

We Are Undefeatable - A number of activities from the campaign that those with a variety of long term health conditions can do while complying with the government's social distancing advice.
Love To Move - The British Gymnastics Foundation's programme is designed to get older people moving and functioning better, with these fun chair workouts suitable for people living with dementia.
Limb Power - Exercise videos to support amputees and people with limb impairments, no matter their level of fitness or confidence. There are also written resources for multiple activities, including tai chi and dance.

lease visit the links below for website resources details activities for older adults.

10 Today - A set of fun, 10-minute audio and video workouts, intended to easily fit into your day, that help get you stretching and moving at home. 
Move It Or Lose It - A series of fitness videos for older people by exercise instructor Julie Robinson. 
NHS Sitting Exercises - These sitting exercises are great for all ages, but particularly if you're over 65. Click on the button below to also find strength, balance and flexibility exercises. 

Over 50 Fitness - Tailored classes delivered by Rosemary for over 50+ to keep active at home. 

Unfortunatelythere are currently no upcoming events, podcasts or webinars. Please check again later and be sure to follow MCRactive on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for updates on any future events, podcasts and webinars and events for Disability & Long-Term Health Conditions.