Baby Yoga - 6 weeks to 18 months ( development massage 6 weeks to 6 months) Toddler yoga 18 months - 3 years old School and community yoga 3-16 year olds Free taster class available (valid till November 2021) Our sessions have been carefully designed to optimise post coronavirus wellness by one of our teachers who has 15 years of mental health nursing experience in the NHS, alongside her qualifications and experience in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children in schools. Our sessions will be led by a fully qualified yoga and mindfulness teacher. We have a wealth of experience supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing within schools, and are an award-winning brand. We are an award-winning brand since 2016, our most recent achievements were at the 2020 What’s on 4 Kids awards where we won in 3 categories. Our most prestigious was most loved sport and physical activity, something we are incredibly passionate about is bringing wellness to children through physical activities. We are also fully accredited by the CAA with a 5-star gold accreditation. Our sessions fully support the new government guidance to schools by; * Ensuring friendships and social engagement opportunities are provided and maximised during yoga challenges and games, all of which have been adapted to adhere to social distancing measures. As a non-contact sport we are very good at ensuring these measures. * During our sessions we discuss feelings and thoughts directly, using yoga and mindfulness to address them and provide tools such as relaxation, guided discovery and mindful moments to manage children’s feelings. * Our sessions simultaneously empower children to improve and maintain their own physical and mental wellbeing, longer term. We have developed a new programme ‘7 Wonders of Wellness’ specifically to help and support all children on their return to school following school closures. COVID 19 may trigger anxiety, worry, low mood and other mental health difficulties. We are passionate and committed in supporting children following this huge disruption, combining physical exercise and wellness focused exercises. A brief overview of this course is as follows; Week 1-Feelings Jar. Helping and encouraging children to understand feelings and controlling them. Week 2 – Anxiety. Physiological and psychological symptom recognition. Week 3 – Loneliness and change. Encouraging discussion of openness, reduced isolation, and change modelling. Week 4 – Teamwork. Increasing sense of being, and improved support networks. Week 5 – Balance. Both physical and emotional. Week 6 – Sleep promotion. Teaching progressive muscle relaxation and sleep hygiene. Week 7 – Happiness for wellbeing. Teaching stress vulnerability model. We can also provide workshops - Introduction to yoga, Mindfulness workshops -Dragon Breathing ,Worry workshop and Mindful jar making.