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Sports Guidance in manchester

In or out of lockdown, or whatever level of restrictions we're under, guidance is continually changing around what's allowed in relation to sport and physical activity - and we understand how difficult it must be to keep up to speed and in the know.

As facilities and play spaces close across Manchester, we're keen to ensure that not only do our local residents have clear guidance on the where and what (see FACILITIES) but also that everyone has a clear understanding of the 'how', with access to the most up to date sport specific guidance as provided by the individual sports or governing bodies.

See below for the latest advice. See here for further government updates.

Given the lockdown restrictions, we have been working closely with Sport England and our National Governing bodies of Sports to understand the guidelines that will apply to Sport and Physical Activity in Manchester.  
As Manchester remains in lockdown, there are implications to what can and cannot take place.  
In summary Sport and Physical Activity can remain in the following areas: 
Outdoor Sport: There is more opportunities for grassroots sport and activities with leisure facilities now open for the benefit of local communities. For adults, indoor sport and physical activity such as gym, swimming, squash, badminton and track cycling in the velodrome can take place for individuals or single households whilst children will be able to attend organised indoor children’s activity in groups of 15 including swimming lessons.

People are permitted to meet outdoors in groups of up to six people, or as a group of two households, for exercise or recreation. A group made up of two households can include more than six people, but only where all members of the group are from the same two households (or support bubbles, where eligible).  
Where possible, please avoid using public transport to get to the park / outdoor sport and still try to only visit sites nearby. 

Please take responsibility for your personal hygiene and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before leaving home and again on your return home.

We will keep you abreast on further guidance and restrictions as and when the updated guidance is released.  

See here for latest guidance that outlines how the public should socially distance and exercise.

Sport England have also worked with the government to compile answers to some of the most common ones. For clarity on the latest guidance as they change, please read the FAQ's provided by Sport England.

The links below are from National Governing Bodies, outlining the guidance on their current position and (when / where possible) the safe return to activity in each of these sports.


Baseball and Softball



British Baseball

British Canoeing
British Cycling 

Britsh Dodgeball

British Gymnastics

British Taekwondo

Cheerleading Association

England Lacrosse

England Water Polo


Rounders England
Rugby League
Rugby Union

Table Tennis


Volleyball England

Coronavirus has hit the sport and physical activity sector hard and we know things have been tough, so we’ve modified a list of helpful funding streams and advice to help people safely return to play and are targeting the places they'll have the biggest impact.
One Manchester Funding Support Includes info on: Neighbourhood Fund Grant  - for Beswick, Openshaw, Clayton, Gorton, Ardwick, Longsight, Levenshulme, Moss Side, Fallowfield, Hulme, Rusholme. 

Currently we're under national lockdown restrictions from Tuesday 5 January.

Please ensure you follow all guidance and precautions during and post lockdown, and understand any additional local restrictions.

Simple rules to follow:

If possible, hand sanitise at intervals if your sport or recreation means you have to touch communal surfaces and avoid touching any court gates, fences, benches, fixed surfaces etc.
Once home remember to wash your hands, taking responsibility for your own personal hygiene and precautions, carrying hand sanitiser if you can. 
Players must provide their own equipment.
Try to avoid using shared or sharing equipment such as rackets and bats.
If catering facilities are open at the venue respect social distancing whilst queuing for food and drink. Do not share food items, cups, plates or eating utensils with anyone else.
If you are playing sport or exercising with people from your own household, social distancing rule does not apply.
Clean your equipment, including water bottles, before and after use.
Do not share water / equipment with people outside your household group.
Do not congregate after playing.