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About This Site

Welcome to Manchester. 

We’re a city at the forefront of promoting physical activity, sport, leisure, and health to its people. With a diverse population, we recognise that physical activity is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and the key to promoting physical activity is to understand the different needs and interests of all. As a result, we continue to lead the way nationally in how sport, leisure, health, and physical activity can be a powerful agent of change for all people. 

Manchester Active are a not for profit organisation established and overseen by Manchester City Council, here to inspire and encourage people to lead a more active lifestyle.  

Our mission across the city is to “work with the whole sport, physical activity and health sector to encourage and inspire all Mancunians to move more each day.” 

To understand more about who we are and our 8 key themes, watch our strategy video or download our updated 10-Year Sport & Physical Activity Strategy.

In collaboration with the City Council, we are committed to creating environments that promote physical activity alongside healthy living.  

We work with a range of organisations to facilitate accessible offers and opportunities for people to be more physically active. We create new outdoor spaces for moving more. We invest significantly in facilities and programs that cater to different communities. We support policies that encourage change in behaviour. We work with leisure centre operators and health partners to bring services together to work collaboratively to support people to improve their wellbeing.  

As a city Alive With Sport, we recognise the importance of sports and leisure activities in promoting physical activity. Our city has a rich sporting culture, with world-renowned football clubs and world-class sports facilities that are accessible to all, and with the envy of the watching world, our passion is to ensure we work with these sports to ensure equality of access for residents. 

All of this work strengthens our drive to increase activity levels, particularly amongst the most disadvantaged, to improve population health. 

We’re a global leader in how we utilise sport, leisure, health, and physical activity to promote a tangible and positive change for all Mancunians and beyond, helping to provide accessible and inclusive opportunities for all residents and be ‘World Class’ in everything that we do.  

This website is an example of a new, innovative, web platform promoting sport, health and physical activity across Manchester. Offering a city-wide choice of activities to help all Mancunians become healthier and happier.​ Whilst providing a free online home for all organisations involved with delivering sport, health and physical activity across our city, offering the unique opportunity to promote sessions, events, clubs, facilities and places in one single location.​ To find out more or register, visit our Providers Portal
Find out more about our work and how we make a difference.  

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything outside of your activity booking or provider, feel free to contact us. We’re here to listen and help. Our priority is making sure this site is representative and truly reflects Manchester, as well as being a safe place for all. ​ 
Manchester Active is also a proud member organisation of GM Active

about this site
about this site