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About This Site

Hello and welcome to Manchester.​ is a new, innovative, web platform promoting sport, health and physical activity across Manchester. Offering Manchester a city-wide choice of different activities to help all Mancunians become healthier and happier.​

Built and hosted by MCRactive, this site provides a free online home for all organisations involved with delivering sport, health and physical activity across our city, offering the unique opportunity to promote sessions, events, clubs, facilities and places in one single location.​
MCRactive are a not for profit organisation established and overseen by Manchester City Council, here to inspire and encourage people to lead a more active lifestyle. Our role in the city is to work with the whole sport and physical activity sector to promote and open up access to sport and leisure places across Manchester.​
To help us achieve our goal, we started a conversation with Mancunians and asked them what sport and physical activity meant to them, how activity was part of their lives now, and how they wanted it to be in the future. Underpinned by an extensive public consultation exercise, our 10-year sport and physical activity strategy is the culmination of what our city told us.​
If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything outside of your activity booking or provider, feel free to contact . We’re always here to listen and help. Our top priority is making sure this site is representative and truly reflects Manchester, as well as being a safe place for all. ​
MCRactive is also a proud member organisation of GM Active.

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